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Extraordinary instruments
which stand the test of time

Extraordinary instruments which stand the test of time

by fabrice delaye

Violin making methods have remained almost unchanged since they were established during the period spanning from the very first violin in the 16th century to Stradivarius and the Cremona masters at the end of the 17th century. Let's take a visit to Florian Leonhard, luthier in London and New York, to discover the stages involved in making a violin. His customers and partners, among the most prestigious names in classical music, consider him to be one of the greatest experts.

In London, in his workshop in Hampstead, he works with a team of some fifteen employees from around the world on both new and old instruments. Each stage is handled meticulously by a specialist, from cutting the wood to creating the bow and polishing the instrument. The most expert skills are required to create a violin, or to offer a second lease of life to a 17th century instrument.

London, at the famous luthier Florian Leonhard’s workshop.

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